Make MORE profit and an even bigger Impact by the power of your story!

You Wrote the Book

You Published The Blog Now What?

Publishing a book is a HUGE accomplishment!

**Insert Applause**

Have you thought about what your book, blog, or story can do Beyond that?

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Did you know that your story and message has the ability to impact more people and create an even bigger income for you?

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I want to show you how to go Beyond the Pages, Posts and experiences of your Past and Profit by the Power of your Story!

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Activate the Power of Your Story and Profit!

Have you thought about what your story can do

once you get it in front of your Divinely Assigned People?

Think about this...

Your story having the Power to: 

- Make an Impact that Breaks Chains

- Profiting with Peace because of it 

-Build a Successful Business by the Power of Your Story

Consider This...

- There are specific people WAITING to hear your story

that will NEVER buy your book

-Your story IS NOT a one-stop only type of story

- Your story has the power ELEVATE you and

the people connected to your message

Know This...

- Your Divinely Assigned People NEED you 

to go Beyond

- God has called and chosen you NOW for such a time as this

- It is time to Elevate, Expand, and

Experience your best life because of the Power of Your Story

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Beyond The Book Is..

A 5-week course  that teaches authors, co-authors, bloggers, and storytellers the tools and strategies of developing their signature workshop, program, course or talk. 

BTBA will equip you with the skills and strategies needed to create a successful business based on the Power of Your Story!

Course Details 

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* Defining your DAP

(Divinely Assigned People)

Learn how to identify the specific people who NEED to hear your message and story



* Get comfortable with your story and OWN it!

Learn how to become the expert of your experience and kill the roots of shame or guilt attached to your story 



* Your Story Vs Your Message

Learn the difference between your story from your message and create the perfect content to begin to build your platform



* Knowing Your Audience

Learn how to speak the language of your Divinely Assigned People  and how to relate, reach and teach them




* Content That Generates Consistent Cashflow

Learn how to create content that will generate cash effortlessly, easily yet strategically


DAY 10

* Pitch Perfect to Profit 

Learn how to package your program, course, or workshop and connect with organizations, companies and business that will hire you to speak AND teach on their platform 


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* Build Your Voice BRAVVEly Within

Learn how to develop your confidence and become apologetic in speaking your truth surrounding God's Truth about You



* Align With Your Assignment

There is a specific assignment/purpose to fulfil in the earth. Discover your life's purpose and how your story aligns with your assignment 



* Discovering & Developing Your Perfect Platform Suite

Learn how to determine which platform fits your personality, brand, message and story style



* Creating and Designing Your Supplemental Materials

Learn which supplemental materials are needed, most effective and how to create them 


How to create a successful  workshop, webinar, or book launch virtually

Learn how to reuse and revamp your content to generate more cash instantly!

5 Ways to build a business around your book(s)

What's Included

- A complete signature workshop plan, itinerary 

-  Worksheets (up to 5) to pitch and host their first workshop/program 

* Available to full pay students* 

Supplemental Materials

 -The Beyond The Book Academy Interactive Workbook 

-Books, Blogs, Beyond: Turn your content into cash 


- Complete custom workshop blueprint to host and facilitate your workshop successfully on or offline

Full pay bonuses

live teaching

& strategy sessions

-Weekly Class Sessions

- Step By Step Teaching

- Live Q & A 

- 5-7 Minute Laser 1:1 focused strategy session

- Be apart of an Intimate Community

(Platform TBA)  to support each other in doing the work    

- Peer groups that will help you grow and develop

on-going  community support  

you will leave btba with...

- The ability to share your story powerfully , knowing your Divinely Assigned People and having the tools to greatly impact them by the Power of your Story!

-  A fully packaged signature program, workshop,course or talk based on the power of  your story that you can market IMMEDIATELY!

- A BRAVVE voice and strong connection with your audience on a deep level 

- A perfect pitch plan that will directly connect with organizations thats share your message 

- A plan and process to create multiple streams of income INSTANTLY  based on your story and message


* The level of your results depends SOLEY on the level of work, implementation, utilization of the tools and strategies taught in BTBA*  

Enroll Today!

They Went Beyond and Profited!

"I absolutely loved this class. I had already started creating a workbook for one of my books but this class gave me the confidence I needed."

Indiana Tuggle, Author

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